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Triton Multi-stöd

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Multistöd med extra brett stativ förhög stabilitet på både jämna och ojämna ytor. 

Anläggningsytor med låg friktion ger mjuk och kontrollerad matning utan att arbetsstycket styr åt något håll. 

Roterbart och vinklingsbart huvud med fastspänningsfunktion gör detta stöd mycket användningsbart i din verkstad eller på bygget. Ställbar höjdinställning.

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Product Features

Low friction slide surfaces provide smooth, controlled travel
Head pivots from horizontal to vertical allowing for uneven ground
Supports over 100kg / 220lbs for a wide variety of applications
Folds flat for easy storage and transport
Extra-wide tripod for excellent stability on level or uneven ground
Angle adjustment head with built-in clamping system
Height adjusts from 635 - 940mm / 25 - 37"

Technical Specification

Angle Adjustment Range Vertical though to horizontal
Capacity - Maximum Load 100kg
Height Range 635 - 940mm
Product Height 1070mm
Product Length 800mm
Product Weight 5.54kg
Product Width 800mm
Standing Size - Height 635mm


Review this Product32 Review(s) I got this to work with my Superjaws XXL because the Superjaws were not stead for larger work pieces and these were much lower cost than getting a second XXL. One feature I really like about the MSA200 is that the legs are zinc plated to prevent rust unlike on the XXL which they are painted which easily scratches off to allow rusting. Too bad the more expensive stand has lower quality. Another great feature is that you can put 2x stock in the top piece to get a long sacrificial support. With the adjustable height and tilting top it has a lot of uses besides working with the Superjaws, such as an out feed support for a table saw or a long support for a chop saw. It also folds up quite small and is very stable because of its wide footprint. One of the tilting supports had a hole drilled in the wrong place, shame on manufacturing and quality control. But I just called the warranty 800 number here in the USA and they had a replacement part shipped from England to me in a week and a half.

Some nice featuresJay - 06/02/2017

I have 4 of these stands they are used as extensions to my Radial Arm Saw, Saw horse's, and to support the bench work for my Model Railroad while leveling and inserting the legs and wall support. Used for planning doors and supports for various other projects. I don't know how I coped before getting these amazing Stands, cant do with out then now

Multi Stand MSA 200Geoff Kingsburgh - 01/12/2016

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